Proud to support Christopher’s Smile

Our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the business.
Through Teradata Cares, our employees work to improve the quality of life in their communities and worldwide.

This year, Teradata Cares is proud to support Christopher’s Smile.

Founded in 2008 following the tragic loss of 5-year-old Christopher Capel to an aggressive medulloblastoma brain tumour, over the past nine years this charity has provided funding for projects to find new safe and effective treatments for children with cancer. To date, six project grants have been awarded, and over 1.4 million pounds has been raised by the charity.

The current research funding focus of Christopher’s Smile is the development of next generation sequencing for the analysis of tissue, fluid biopsies, samples and biomarker discovery.

To find out more about Christopher’s Smile and how you can help, visit the official website here:

Why we do what we do

  • In developed countries, childhood cancer is the principal cause of death from disease between infancy and adulthood
  • In the UK, four children are diagnosed with cancer every day, and one child will die from childhood cancer
  • 200,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year
  • One in four children do not survive their illness
  • Even when cancer treatment is successful, the side effects can be devastating, ranging from:
    • second cancers
    • infertility
    • severe learning difficulties
    • permanent sensory impairment
    • growth abnormalities
    • cosmetic deformity in later life
  • For some childhood cancers, the survival rate has not changed since the 1970s