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Zone 1 All Industries All Industries All Industries
Eliano Marques
Delivering Insights At Scale To Answer A CEO Business Critical Question BUS
Michael Ingemann
Reporting And Analytical Challenges That CFOs And Finance Departments Are Facing BUS
Daniel Rodriguez Sierra
Analytical Journey To The True Multi-Dimensional Customer: How To Leverage Analytics To Provide Seamless Customer Experience Across Platforms And Locations BUS
Zone 2 Partner All Industries Partner
Ab Initio Software
Damian Worsdall, Adrian Hillcoat
BI in a Big Data World TECH
Yasmeen Ahmad
Designing A Business Case Worth Millions BUS
Information Builders
Martijn Möllmann
5 Hot Trends for Data and Analytics in 2017 BUS
Zone 3 All Industries Partner All Industries
Andrew Johnston
Customer Journey – Putting The Customer At The Centre Of Your Business BUS
Neil Barton
Information Refineries: Automation in Hybrid Data Warehousing Environments BUS
Jane McConnell
Putting The Science In Data Science: Successfully Applying Advanced Analytics In The STEM Industries (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) BUS
Zone 4 All Industries All Industries Partner
Mike Whelan
Analyse Sans Frontieres TECH
Wojciech Biela
Presto: SQL-On-Anything TECH
Sudeep Ventatesh
Balancing Innovation, Data Privacy, and Risk BUS
Zone 5 Partner All Industries Think Big
Scott Partington and Imad Birouty
IntelliFlex, Born Again TECH
John Malpass
Driving Supply Chain Transformation Through IoT-Enabled Analytics Solutions BUS
Eliano Marques
The Challenge Of Driving Business Value From The Analytics Of Things (AoT) BUS


Coffee Break starting at 10:00 (until 10:45)
Lunch starting at 12:30 (until 14:30)

10:10 – 10:35 12:40 – 13:05 13:15 – 13:40 13:50 – 14:15
Zone 1 Partner Think Big Partner All Industries
Sergio Pineda
Faster Time to Value with Hadoop in your Analytical Ecosystem BUS
Mike Merritt-Holmes
Kylo – Delivering Enhanced Data Lake Value With Open Source Solutions BUS
Marco Carmona
Be an Analytics Hero, not a Data-Scandal Headline BUS
Celia Muriel
Cloudy With A Chance Of Agility TECH
Zone 2 Mfg & Energy All Industries Utilites / Gov / Comms Partner
Michael Gerstlauer
IoT And Industry 4.0: Hype Or Revolution… Or Both? BUS
Patrick Deglon
A journey into bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Enterprise BUS
David Socha
Delivering The Promise Of Smart Cities BUS
Phil Kleinman
Meet SUSE: The Horsepower Behind the Teradata Engine TECH
Zone 3 All Industries Partner All Industries Communications
Yasmeen Ahmad
Analyzing the Analytics BUS
Venkat Iyer
Migrate to Cloud with Leap Data Transformation Framework BUS
Mark Perrett
Supercharged Event Based Marketing: Tools & techniques to improve the response and conversion of campaigns BUS
Laurent Laisney
Financial Mobile Services – the new wave of growth for Telcos? BUS
Zone 4 Retail All Industries Partner All Industries
Katarina Hansson
IoT Has Disrupted Retailers, But What Business Value Has Come With It? BUS
Mike Whelan
All Aboard The IOT Express TECH
Paul Gittins
Celebrate 10 years of SAS & Teradata integration! TECH
Niall O’Doherty
A game of hide and SAP – helping companies find value hidden in their SAP data  BUS
Zone 5 Partner All Industries Communications & Media Partner
Fuzzy Logix
Kiran Kumar

Achieving Efficient Analysis and Management of Market Indexes  BUS
Andrew Johnston
Critical Capabilities for the Customer Journey BUS
Jon Penrose
The Networking Of Everything: How Telcos Can Leverage The Analytical Potential Of Network And IoT Data BUS
Scott Partington and Imad Birouty
IntelliFlex, Born Again TECH

 BUS  – Business     TECH  – Technology