Teradata Cares will support “Les Dames de Lenval”.

Les Dames de Lenval

Le Comité des Dames de Lenval is appointed by the Board of the Fondation Lenval and made up of nine voluntary members. Their aim is to help the hospital improve the way it cares for children.

Each year, les Dames de Lenval organises a fundraising gala dinner with local partners and sponsors, which attracts several hundred supporters and brings in around €100,000 (ticket sales, the raffle, and donations). The money is used to buy high-tech equipment for the hospital and fund diversified therapeutic workshops for the children.

Here are just a few of the items financed by les Dames de Lenval:

  • high-tech insufflator
  • urological laser
  • paediatric ambulance
  • Wi-Fi development and maintenance
  • computer tablets
  • cooking workshops in Michelin-starred restaurants
  • hippotherapy sessions
  • climbing sessions
  • art therapy sessions

Les Dames de Lenval works with the medical staff to define which projects will best-help the children staying at the Lenval hospital. Many projects are still to be completed so all donations are welcome.

For more details, please visit www.damesdelenval.com.