Oliver Ratzesberger

Oliver Ratzesberger


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  Monday 18 April, 09:10

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Oliver Ratzesberger is President of Teradata Labs, based in San Diego, Teradata’s innovation engine. He provides visionary direction for all research, development and sales support activities related to Teradata integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and associated solutions. He oversees a talented pool of more than 1,400 technologists located in San Diego, Silicon Valley, and other global locations.

Oliver Ratzesberger leads Teradata Labs, including the Teradata Database, Aster Analytics, Hadoop, Platforms, and UDA Platform software.

Ratzesberger joined Teradata in July of 2013 as SVP software. In this function Oliver ran Teradata software development teams. He has a successful background in driving analytics culture and advancing the value of high-volume and high-velocity analytics solutions, both for customers and in industry forums.

Ratzesberger spent seven years at eBay, where he was responsible for its data warehouse and big data platforms. During his tenure at eBay, he led eBay’s expansion of analytics and was responsible for the co-development of the Extreme Data Appliance as part of eBay’s Singularity project. He also led the Hadoop platform engineering teams and drove the initial integration for Teradata and Hadoop at eBay.

Prior to eBay, Ratzesberger spent time at various startups in software development and IT management. Over the years, he published various software packages and tools for professional services. In 1996, Ratzesberger joined NCR as a Senior Consultant for Data Warehousing in Vienna, Austria and in 1999 moved to Orange County, CA where he led professional service engagements for Telecom and eBusiness. As Director of Professional Services, he was responsible for projects at Verizon, ATT, eBay, and Excite, amongst others.

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